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India is surrounded by a total of six countries in its South Asian location, including Pakistan, Burma, China, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. These countries mostly border India in northern directions, as the east, west and south are largely encompassed by water.


For maps of India, some good sources are the websites Nations Online, WorldAtlas and Maps Of World. The Nations Online site provides a very detailed map of India and its states with their capitals. The map also includes India's union territories and some major cities.


Maps of Egypt and surrounding countries are available through several Internet websites, including National Geographic, Maps of the World and World Atlas. These maps are printable, and they are available for purchase from some websites.


The Indian Ocean is the only ocean that surrounds India. The Arabian Sea borders the west coast of India, and the Bay of Bengal borders the east coast.


Visit NationsOnline.org, and enter your city's name in the box above the map to view an interactive map showing the city's surrounding towns. Alternatively, use MapQuest's mapping tools.


WorldAtlas features a political map that shows continents, countries and territories along with the location of some major cities and governmental boundaries demarcating states within countries. Maps of World has a map that features the agreed-upon boundaries of all 193 United Nations member states,


WorldAtlas.com provides users with an accurate map of Europe. The map uses different colors to show different countries and the country names are easy to read.


Maps detailing each African country are available on the Internet through InfoPlease.com, WorldAtlas.com and NationsOnline.org. Each source provides detailed plots of each of the 54 sovereign countries and three territories, along with a variety of background information on each country.


Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama is credited with discovering the country India. The explorer sailed from Lisbon, Portugal, in 1497, arriving in Calicut, India, in May 1498.


The countries that are immediately on the border of France are Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Italy and Andorra. France also has a total of 2,130 miles of coastline facing the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.