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Define incurrent. incurrent synonyms, incurrent pronunciation, incurrent translation, English dictionary definition of incurrent. adj. Affording passage to an inflowing current. adj 1. having an inward flow 2. flowing or running in an inward direction adj. carrying or relating to an...


Incurrent and excurrent siphons are the tubular structures that burrowing bivalve molluscs, such as clams, use to feed, respire, reproduce and expel waste into the water, while the body of the bivalve remains buried beneath the surface of the sediment, where it is hidden from predators.


The bivalve's two siphons are situated at the posterior edge of the mantle cavity. There is an inhalant or incurrent siphon, and an exhalant or excurrent siphon. The water is circulated by the action of the gills. Usually water enters the mantle cavity through the inhalant siphon, moves over the gills, and leaves through the exhalant siphon.


The modified female mantle extended from a point immediately anterior to the incurrent siphon to a point directly ventral and opposite to the posterior-most end of the hinge ligament [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].


Incurrent definition, carrying or relating to an inward current. See more.


incurrent definition: flowing in; esp., characterized by the flowing in of water: the incurrent canals of a spongeOrigin of incurrentClassical Latin incurrens, present participle of incurrere: see incur...


Mollusk Biology vocab. This is my vocab (assignment due Mon) for Adv Biology--the Mollusks part. STUDY. PLAY. chromatophore. ... incurrent siphon. a tube through which water enters the body of a bivalve. mantle. in mantle, a layer of tissue that covers the body of many invertebrates.


Excurrent definition, running out or forth. See more.


Excurrent definition is - characterized by a current that flows outward. How to use excurrent in a sentence. characterized by a current that flows outward; having the axis prolonged to form an undivided main stem or trunk (as in conifers)…


Define excurrent. excurrent synonyms, excurrent pronunciation, excurrent translation, English dictionary definition of excurrent. excurrent red spruce adj. 1. a. Running or flowing outward.