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Hats USA . Adult Hat Size Conversion Chart . USE THIS CHART TO DETERMINE HAT SIZE TO ORDER . Use the BACK button to return to the previous page


*These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary depending on the construction, materials and manufacturer..


Write down the inches on a piece of paper so you will remember. Choose a small baseball hat if your head size is 20 ½ inches to 21 5/8 inches. Choose medium if your head is 22 inches to 22 3/8 inches. Choose large if your head is 22 ¾ inches to 23 1/8 inches and choose extra large if your head is 23 ½ to 25 inches.


Convert this number into centimeters by multiplying it by 2.54. For instance, if your head is 23 inches around, that is the same as 59 cm (see reference). Divide the number in step 3 by 8 to get your hat size. This will likely be a number ranging from 6 3/4 to 7 7/8. Convert your hat size into a general size.


Costumes of Nashua LLC. 603-882-5640. How to Measure Hat Size (Inches and Metric Conversion) Please measure the forehead at the point where you plan to wear the hat. This is usually towards the top of the forehead. A measurement from the middle of the forehead will often result in the hat being too large.


Inches, hat size Type the number of Inches you want to convert in the text box, to see the results in the table. Adult size Children size Centimeters Inches US size UK size Adult size Children size Centimeters Inches US size UK size


Hat Size Conversion Chart Understand The Codes Int. = International size (S, M, L, XL). Used World wide. US = USA. Used in USA, Canada EU = European hat size. Used in most European/Scandinavian countries. Same number as circumference in CM.


Use a cloth measuring tape if possible. Measure the distance around your head just above the eyebrows and ears, then convert the measurement in inches to your hat size, using the chart below. If you are between sizes, give us the larger size. Different hats are available in different sizes; please check the hat you want before ordering.


Gena Conti Millinery designs hats that not only fit but complement any lifestyle. International Hat Sizes. 7 3 4 - 2 8 4 - 3 4 1 7 : International Hat Sizes - Standard Conversion Guide Measurements given are the INSIDE of the finished hat. Circumference of American Sizes. American Sizes. ... It all comes down to inches or centimeters. Please ...


Hat size chart and instructions and measuring your head. Learn how to measure hat size in two simple steps and look your absolute best. Our hat sizing conversion chart will determine the correct hat size for a perfect fit.