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The primary treatments for dry eyes are artificial tears and lubricating ointments. If over-the-counter products provide insufficient relief, the Food and Drug Administration has approved the prescription eye drop Restasis, which helps the eye increase its natural tear production.


There is a common misconception that the eye is already at its largest size at birth, but this is false. Human eyes grow rapidly while in the womb, like most other organs, and then they grow for three more months after birth. By three months, the eye is as wide as it gets, but it continues to grow f


Watching television does not cause any damage to your eyes, but it does strain your eyes. It may also cause headaches if someone watches television too much.


Users can see a satellite view of their home by searching for their address with Google Maps and selecting the Earth view. This pinpoints the address entered and shows an image based on collected satellite imagery.


Contacts can get stuck in the eye at any time, usually due to eye dryness. The easiest way to handle a stuck contact is to rinse the eye with contact lens solution. Then, close the eye and massage the upper eyelid until the lens moves.


A burning sensation in the eye after the application of eye drops possibly means that the eye drops have already expired, as stated by Healthline. Aside from the reduced potency, the administration of medications beyond their shelf life might lead to certain health complications.


Burning eyes can be caused by environmental or allergenic irritants and medical conditions such as conjunctivitis and dry eye syndrome, states EyeHealthWeb.com. Burning eyes can also be caused by certain medications, contact lenses, age-related factors and bright lights.


Treatment for eye pain typically targets the underlying cause, which may include antibiotic ointments for corneal abrasions, medicated eye drops for conjunctivitis or warm compresses for styes, according to WebMD. Individuals should seek diagnosis from a doctor to receive proper treatment.


To create an eye catching desktop background, you only need a beautiful image, such as a photograph or piece of art, and an editing program designed to change the image's resolution to match the desktop's resolution. As long as the resolution matches your screen resolution, any image you choose work


In the United States, as of 2014, the only way to change eye color is to purchase color contact lenses. Laser surgery and iris implants are procedures available in other countries to change eye color, but they have not been approved for use in the United States.