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In poetry, connotation involves: A. The repetition of end rhymes B. The understanding of similes a reader brings to a poem C. The emotional meaning a reader brings to a poem D. The metaphorical imagination a reader brings to a poem Please help!


strong nouns and verbs create specific imagery. strong nouns and verbs create difficult imagery. strong nouns and verbs create strong adjectives. strong nouns and verbs create challenging metaphors. Question 6 In poetry, connotation involves: the repetition of end rhymes. the understanding of similes a reader brings to a poem.


Since connotation simply refers to the additional, sometimes hidden meaning of a word, examples of it are essentially infinite. The examples included here come from poetry, fiction, advertising, and painting to illustrate a few different ways connotation can be used to evoke specific ideas or emotions in the reader or viewer.


Connotation and denotation are two important terms in the world of poetry. Not only does it set the tone accordingly, but it also provides a deeper meaning to the poem. For one thing, density is just one of the many elements of poetry. With the help of connotation, for example, you can say a lot with just a few words.


View examples of connotation in poems by Frost & Whitman, with a definition, explanation and video of connotation in poetry. Examples in Poetry. Search this site. Poetry Terms; Poetry Terms. Acrostic Poem. Alliteration. Assonance. Ballad. Cinquain. Concrete Poem ... Examples in Poetry: Terms, Definitions, Poems and More.


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Connotation Definition. Connotation refers to a meaning that is implied by a word apart from the thing which it describes explicitly. Words carry cultural and emotional associations or meanings, in addition to their literal meanings or denotations.


Connotations in Poetry. Parlindungan Pardede. Universitas Kristen Indonesia. In previous posts it has been explained that poetry is a literary genre that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm.


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