A main advantage of earning the Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA, credential is that it can help the person appear better to investors due to the skills required and the ethical code the analyst must sign, notes Inves... More »

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The American Society for Clinical Pathology offers 20 different certifications, each having its own requirements related to education, training, work experience and testing. ASCP.org lists the specific requirements for e... More »

In the state of Texas, requirements for obtaining Medicaid include being a permanent resident of Texas and a citizen of the United States. Applicants must also meet income requirements and be in one of three categories: ... More »

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One advantage of investing in the Russia Stock market is the potential for market growth due to the country's economic growth and large population, notes Investopedia. Another advantage is that individuals can choose fro... More »

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Some jobs available for a person who holds a nursing degree are certified dialysis nurse, certified legal nurse consultant, certified nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, nurse case manager, nurse educator, nurse practition... More »

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The biggest advantage of systems analysis is that it helps businesses and organizations assess their various, interacting elements in order to make them more efficient. The term ?systems analysis? often refers to compute... More »

One advantage of taking employees through ethics training is that it emphasizes to them the value of professionalism at the workplace. This creates a conducive environment for other employees and a friendly atmosphere fo... More »