Meaningful definition is - having a meaning or purpose. How to use meaningful in a sentence. ... She looked at him in a meaningful way. He wanted to feel that ...

Synonyms for meaningful at with free online thesaurus, ... A perfect duplication of an original was the original, in every meaningful way.

In a meaningful way synonyms. Top synonym for in a meaningful way (other word for in a meaningful way) is significant extent.

meaningful meaning: 1. intended to show meaning, often secretly: 2. useful, serious, or important: 3. important or ... He raised one eyebrow in a meaningful way.

Teaching history to five-year-olds in a meaningful way can be very difficult. meaningful to Rules must be put in a context that is meaningful to the children.2 ...

What is meaningful (adjective)? meaningful (adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by ... The information needs to be presented in a meaningful way.

Showing or conveying meaning, especially without words: a meaningful glance. ... that must be utilized to enhance their learning experience in meaningful ways.

Mar 10, 2018 ... Learn how to apologize in a meaningful way using the PANDA method.

Meaningful definition: If you describe something as meaningful , you mean that it ... as meaningful, you mean that it is serious, important, or useful in some way.

Synonyms of meaningful - significant, relevant, important, consequential, material .