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An order of importance paragraph is one in which the writer lists his supporting details in ascending or descending order of importance. In other words, the writer lists the details from least to most important or from most to least important.


A power paragraph is a grammatically correct paragraph structure that consists of a topic sentence, detail sentence, a sentence to support the detail sentence and a conclusion. There can be more than one detail and supporting sentence.


A process paragraph either describes how to perform a certain task or describes the process of something happening. Examples of the task-oriented type include how to sell a car and how to give a dog a bath. An example of the second type describes how a hurricane develops.


Paragraphs usually begin with a topic sentence or a transition sentence. The start of a paragraph often depends on the type of work being written.


A good paragraph focuses on one idea and consists of several sentences all relating to this idea. The four elements necessary to a good paragraph are unity, coherence, a topic sentence and adequate development.


The components of a good paragraph are a topic sentence that introduces what the paragraph is going to be about, body sentences that explain the idea of the paragraph, and a concluding sentence that sums up what was said and transitions the paragraph to the next paragraph. A single paragraph should


A process paragraph is an instructional block of text that explains how to perform an action. It may also serve as an explanation for how an event occurred. The paragraph usually begins with an introductory summary that is followed by sequential steps in an instructional or a chronological way, depe


A well-constructed 500-word paper generally contains five paragraphs, including a brief introduction, three paragraphs for thesis development and a concise conclusion. The recommended number of sentences in each paragraph varies from four to eight.


A process paragraph provides detailed instructions to the reader on how to accomplish a specific task. The instructions should always be clear and customized for the specific audience who reads them. An example of a process paragraph on ways to make breaking up with a significant other easier begins


Paragraph order, notably known as five paragraph order is an organizational structure used by the military to illustrate a combat situation. The description first begins by outlining the objectives of the paper, followed by the five paragraphs: situation, mission, execution, administration and logis