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One example of a family tree for kids is to draw a picture of a large tree with many branches on a section of construction paper or project board. Starting at the bottom branches, write down the names of the child's immediate family, one name per branch. Write the names of other family members such


Of the almost 247 billion trees in America that measure more than an inch in diameter, one Coast Redwood tree in California measures 369 feet tall and is more than 2000 years old. Trees provide food, shade, wood for constructing buildings, cooking and heating fuel and fibers for making paper.


Choosing the right tree and knowing how it behaves during different kinds of weather are two important tips to use when building a tree house. Ensuring that proper research is done in these two areas not only makes construction easier but helps ensure that building and then using the tree house is a


Some of the reasons that trees are so important to the environment include the fact that they clean the air, clean the soil, produce oxygen and slow storm water runoff, according to About.com. Trees also control noise pollution, provide shade for protection from the sun and much more.


One example of an outdoor tree house for kids is a simple house-like structure made of lightweight wood built directly into the branches of a tree. Another example is a play structure, complete with slide and sliding pole, that is partially attached to a tree for support.


While no living animal subsists on a diet of entire trees, many different animals eat individual portions of trees. For example, animals such as deer, elephants and giraffes consume a large quantity of leaves and fruit, but little else. By contrast, termites are one of the few animals in the world t


The price of a kid's tree house is highly variable depending on its size and the quality of materials used to build it. A cost-effective way to build a tree house is to first buy a set of plans, available from retailers such as TreeHouseSupplies.com, and purchase the supplies separately.


Customers can buy kid's play tree houses from Barbara Butler Artist Builder Inc. Barbara Butler has been creating tree houses and other play structures since 1987.


One of the most important things that trees give people is oxygen to breathe. Trees also give shade, house animals and muffle noise.


Trees grow as a result of the formation and division of cells in meristems and by conducting photosynthesis and absorbing nutrients and water through their root systems. Cells in the cambium layer divide and grow to form bark cells, contributing to the tree's outward and upward growth.