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The Amazon is home to more species of plants and animals than any other terrestrial ecosystem on the planet — perhaps 30 percent of the world's species are found there. Besides their intrinsic value as living organisms, these species have potential value to humans in the form of medicine, food, and other products.


The Amazon has long been recognized as an important repository of biodiversity and natural resources. Not only for local peoples and indigenous communities, but also for the rest of the world. Unfortunately, as forests continue to disappear and the effects climate change become more of a daily reality, we run the risk of losing this […]


The Amazon River basin (ca. 6 million km2) is the largest in the world with mean discharge measured in the Amazon River at the outlet of ca. 206 000 m3 s-1 (Callède et al., 2010) and sediment yields estimated to 800-1200 Mt.yr-1 (Meade et al., 1985; Martinez et al., 2009).


The Amazon rainforest stretches across 5.5 million square kilometres – an area far larger than the EU. All figures describing some aspect of the Amazon convey the region’s unique status on the planet: The enormous Amazon River, with all its tributaries, contains 20 per cent of the world’s flowing freshwater.


For the indigenous population the Amazon rainforest is important because it is their home and their culture is closely related to the forest, rivers and fauna . If you destroy the forest you also destroy all the indigenous people that are left. Some of the tribes in the Amazon still have not had contact with outside cultures yet.

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The importance of the Amazon rainforest for local and global climate. Tropical forests and woodlands (e.g. savannas) exchange vast amounts of water and energy with the atmosphere and are thought to be important in controlling local and regional climates 3.


Amazon Rainforest is the largest forest of earth which represents over 60 percent of the world’s remaining rainforests. The Amazon is the most biodiverse terrestrial place on the planet. This amazing rainforest is home to more species of birds, plants and mammals than anywhere else in the world.


The rainforests are essential for removing carbon dioxide from the air As concerns grow about global warming and the future of the planet, much more international attention is being paid to the ...