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Education in its broadest terms is the transfer of knowledge from one person to another. In this respect, education can be viewed as the catalyst for an evolved society. Humans learn and grow through education.


Education provides economic benefits to society in many ways because well-educated citizens are better-equipped for significant economic production. However, the benefits aren't just for society as a whole, education also benefits individuals and families.


Laws are in place to protect people against harm, according to civil liberties expert Tom Head for About.com. Societal rules also prevent vulnerable people from being exploited, and laws safeguard personal property. Laws also exist for granting goods and services to cit...


A good education carries many benefits to students, including offering them knowledge and pertinent resources, progressing their careers and helping to build character. A good education is one that offers the necessary framework, courses and fundamentals needed to learn...


A primary role of education is to equip people with the knowledge to make a positive difference in society. Also, education helps instill values, attitudes and behaviors that align with those expected in a society.


Marketing informs the desires and cultural predilections of its consumers, thereby helping to shape the face of society through the messages and products it chooses to promote to the public at large. This makes it a value-neutral system the impact of which is determined...


Business, which one could refer to as economics, is important to society because it fundamentally deals with the allocation of resources throughout the world. These resources always suffer from scarcity, in that there will always be a higher demand for resources than th...