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In addition to being the most important human virtue, it is the most important business virtue, as well. Think about it: Other important business concepts like leadership, innovation and sales wither in the absence of courage. Leadership takes making bold and often unpopular decisions. Leadership takes courage.


Without courage you can't have the right conversations that lead to change. Without courage you won't even get off the starting block as a leader. But it's how you show courage that's the important point here. For some leaders in the past courage has meant showing up in their armour, protecting and perfecting. That's not courage, that's hiding.


Why is courage important in leadership? This is a question posed by many leaders and organisations as they determine the importance of including courage as a vital attribute for their leaders of the future.


Courage is the quality that distinguishes great leaders from excellent managers.. Over the past decade, I have worked with and studied more than 200 CEOs of major companies through board service ...


It takes courage, it’s uncomfortable and it can be hard. Which really poses this question - if leadership’s hard, if you could get rejected, if it takes all of this courage, why would you do it? There's a number of reasons. 1. The world needs leadership. The world needs it. The world needs what you've got.


Courage is important because it allows people to develop a sense of leadership and confidence and provides benefits for businesses, through fearless, more productive employees. Courage is regarded as an admirable personal trait, providing benefits for people personally, socially and professionally.


Courage is a critical yet complex component of character-based leadership, and has two components: physical and moral. We focus on the physical aspect of courage the most, because we think it’s ...


Yet courage must prevail and be exercised in the corporate realm, where it is also critical. As we know, courage is not only a necessary core component of effective leadership. It is the platform – the requisite platform – on which other important tenets of leadership are built.


Lead 8 Ways to Be a Courageous Leader As leadership traits go, courage is the big one. It comes from facing and overcoming fear. And the reward for that effort couldn't be bigger.


Moral courage empowers good leadership, and it challenges and, potentially, prevents bad leadership. Moral courage and good leadership pair well together. Now, it is our responsibility to find our inner moral courage and express it diligently and respectfully in our work and community. References. Ciulla, J. B. (2005).