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The Importance of Courage. 11/07/2014 10:16 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2015 skydiving photo We all have heard stories about courage. When we are kids, courage comes from superheros taking down bad guys and saving the world. And as we get older, we hear of the mesmerizing accomplishments of courageous people who fight in wars, spur massive social ...


Aristotle called courage the first virtue, because it makes all of the other virtues possible. In addition to being the most important human virtue, it is the most important business virtue, as well. Think about it: Other important business concepts like leadership, innovation and sales wither in the absence of courage.


Why Is Courage Important? Courage is important because it allows people to develop a sense of leadership and confidence and provides benefits for businesses, through fearless, more productive employees. Courage is regarded as an admirable personal trait, providing benefits for people personally, socially and professionally. ...


Courage is not the absence of fear. Courageous people do feel fear, but they are able to manage and overcome their fear so that it does not stop them taking action. They often use the fear to ensure that they are not overly-confident and that they take the appropriate actions. How do they manage ...


Why is courage important in leadership? This is a question posed by many leaders and organisations as they determine the importance of including courage as a vital attribute for their leaders of the future.


Courage can be standing up to a bully or restraining an urge to punch out somebody's lights. Real courage requires wisdom. Courage is important because "we all have to do things we don't like sometimes," says Eric, 5. "Courage is when you are brave about something you fear," says Amanda, 9. Everyone is afraid of something or someone.


The Importance of Moral Courage. This is an excerpt from Ch 14, “Trust: The Key to Combat Leadership” by Colonel (Retired) Patrick Sweeney, Ph.D., from the book “Leadership Lessons from West Point”.


Passion is and should always be the heart of courage.” ― Midori Komatsu. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want ...


Courage is considered very important personal traits in employees for various jobs such as leadership/management, sales, customer services and even HR and administration roles and many organizations are working towards developing courage in the employees because it can improves productivity.


Courage is the mental and emotional preparedness and ability to deal with difficult, challenging, and sometimes seemingly impossible circumstances. It is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, intimidation and other threats. Why should we aspire to develop courage?