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Implantation Dip is totally real!!!!! after 6 months of ttc finally a BFP at 9dpo!! ... Congrats! I had a dip to cover line at 7 DPO last month that came back up but unfortunately didn't mean pregnancy for me. Just a stupid second estrogen surge. Maybe next month! S. Sallymommysmith. @mcgeelisha. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm out till ...


From 98.7 to 98.2, definately implantation dip! had cramps - mild - had heartburn which I never get. Another serious sign. Also bloated. 10 dpo - temp spiked back up - 98.2 to 98.8 - Breasts became tender and full feeling. cramps. heartburn continues. bloated. 11 dpo - green/yellow mucous - NEVER have this.


An implantation dip is a luteal phase dip that will typically occur between 7 and 10 days past ovulation (DPO), and is an indication of implantation – an early sign of pregnancy when the fertilized egg implants itself.


Ive been temping and using CBFM and Im pretty sure I OV'd on the 25th Feb (even tho FF says the 27th, anyway) I had a temp dip on the 3rd March which was 6 or 4 dpo. I know one can implant after 7 days, but is 6 possible at all? Im 7 dpo today and i think i might have had an imp dip yesterday at ...


UPDATE BFP !!! Implantation Dip? (BBT chart pic): Hey ladies, Needing some honest opinions because I can get carried away. Last cycle I got a false positive on a HPT which broke my heart so here I am again. On my chart I had a huge dip which isn't on my other 2 charts. My other 2 charts are pretty much identical and had a consistent high temp until AF.


6 dpo, could this be Implantation? By kristinlee223457 | 4 posts, last post over a year ago. ... If I would have ovulated on the 23rd, then as of today I would be 7 dpo. I was on the pill in January and got off of it around the 3rd of Feb. I have two sons, 20 mons old and almost 10 mons old. My first son was conceived when I was on the pill.


10 Implantation Dips 1. Implantation Dips Happen Around –You Guessed it—Implantation. T he name of this phenomenon says it all: implantation dips tend to occur around the time of implantation – about 7-10 days after ovulation. [Read more about Ovulation] But what exactly is a “dip?” The dip part refers to a change in your basal body temperature (more on this shortly).


It is 1000 times more likely that a temp dip at 3-5 dpo is a secondary estrogen surge to keep the corpus luteum functioning rather than an implantation dip. I had plenty of temp dips 3-6 dpo on cycles that I was not pregnant.


So I'm 6 dpo and I've been cramping, like little twinges first on the left side, like by my ovary, and now for the past 2 days more centralized in my uterus. But not like AF cramps, just dull and achy and especially when I'm resting. They were really bad last night, and my hips were really sore, like they were moving, or being pushed together with a vise.


You CAN implant before 6dpo! I did a bunch of medical research today, in medical journals, and found out how they came up with this 6-12dpo implantation thing. A few studies tested women TTC every day past ovulation with a very sensitive urine test.