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After we talked about shoes and other fun items (like how cute is that bag?), Angela asked me if I had any thoughts about what she might wear for a full-immersion baptism that she would be doing today. Of course, it being PENTECOST (Holy Ghost power!


Why do so many baptisms occur with regular clothes on, and not in a swimsuit? On my visit to a Southern Baptist church, I saw a little girl get baptized by immersion. That was the only time when I saw a live presentation of a baptism.


Nehemiah, for a Mennonite baptism service it is absolutely essential that in some way it is signified that the baptism is the act of the whole church, and not just of the pastor and the person being baptized. I have seen this done many ways, but haven't been in a Mennonite church now for a long time. Was at a Mennonite baptism last fall, though.


I would suggest that you find out what is customary for adults at your parish to wear when baptized at the Easter Vigil. That may give you a clue as to the type of clothing your children might wear. If baptism is by immersion your parish may supply a gown/alb to wear over a bathing suit prior to and during the actual baptism.


Hey Everybody! Im new to lds.net as Im getting baptized August 16th :) Im extremely excited..but I have to say I have no clue what to wear for the actual immersion. Should I just wear the white jumper..or do women usually get a white dress? If women do get dresses..does anyone have a good website...


If you are purchasing a baptism outfit, make sure that you purchase an outfit that is primarily white, although other small bits of color can be included, such as pink or blue ribbons. Outfits for Full Immersion. Many churches that fully immerse their congregants in water during the baptism provide them with a white baptism robe to wear.


What should I wear when I am baptized? Women should wear shorts or a modest swimsuit and a top. Men may wear shorts or a modest swimsuit and t-shirt. We will also give you a baptism t-shirt to wear during your baptism. Bring a change of clothes, a towel, and a plastic bag for your wet clothes. Will I have anything to say?


Ken Collins’ Website www.kencollins.com How to Baptize by Immersion If you are a lay person, use this page only to satisfy your curiosity. The instructions on this page are for clergy who have an occasion to baptize by immersion, but don’t customarily do it that way.


Think about baptism at least as seriously as you would think about marriage. Unless you have actually seen a baptism you may have some niggling worries about what is to happen. In fact, as practiced across the centuries by the Church of God, baptism is quite a simple ceremony.


biblical pattern for salvation apart from baptism. Water baptism finds it’s meaning in spiritual symbolism. Water baptism by immersion is the first step of obedience to Christ but is also a public witness of our faith through identification with the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.