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To find a movie in the International Movie Database located at IMDb.com, navigate to the website, enter the name of the movie in the search box, and click the magnifying glass to start the search. Select the movie from the search results to view information about the movie.


If you worked on a movie, television show or web series, you are likely eligible for a listing on the International Movie Database, or IMDb. To add yourself to the IMDb, find the title of the movie or show that you worked on, and fill out a form on the IMDb website stating your occupation (if you we


The Internet Movie Database, IMDB, is highly accurate, though some mistakes have been reported in the past. IMDB receives its information from many sources, and all information is checked for consistency before it is published on the website.


Role models are important because they help guide people in the right direction as they make life decisions, they provide inspiration and support when needed, and they provide examples of how to live a fulfilling, happy life. When observing the behavior, decisions or actions of a role model, individ


During childhood, people need role models so they can learn how to behave with compassion and in a socially acceptable manner. Adults also need role models to behave in an ethical and positive manner.


IMDB does not have a specific page for soundtracks, but the site does have an option to search for soundtracks in the advanced search section. This feature will allow users to search for specific movie soundtracks or other options listed in the advance search.


The top 100 films of 2014 on the Internet Movie Database include the science fiction thriller “Interstellar,” the mystery “Gone Girl,” the action-adventure film “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the young adult movies “The Maze Runner" and “Divergent." IMDb is the largest online database of information


IMDB is a good resource for finding a full episode list of TV shows as the database contains information about nearly all shows ever aired on TV. Users can find specific shows using the search feature on the homepage.


Children who have positive role models are more equipped to make healthy life decisions. Studies have shown that kids with good role models have higher self-esteem and better academic performance than those who do not.


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