To replace an ignition control module, disconnect the vehicle's battery cables. Locate the module, disconnect wires and remove screws and parts obstructing access, tracking their locations. Remove the old module and inse... More »

When attempting to repair a body control module, first check the vehicle's fuses. If any appear blown, replace them. If problems persist, take the vehicle to an automobile parts store with diagnostic testing capabilities... More »

Glow plug control modules are generally irreparable and should be replaced when faulty. Symptoms of a problematic GPCM include hard starts, no start, engine misfires and a P0683 code on the check engine light. If you not... More »

An ignition control module is a component in a vehicle's engine that enables a spark to be produced at the correct time in each cylinder. It does much the same job as contact breaker points did in older cars. More »

An electronic control module is a small electrical component that controls and monitors a number of actuators inside a vehicle's engine. It is often referred to as the brain of an engine, and it dynamically regulates air... More »

The body control module in Chrysler vehicles controls the various electronic devices within the vehicle. This module controls functions such as the air conditioning of the car, the interior lighting and the door locks, m... More »

A portable battery jump starter eliminates the need for another vehicle and lengthy cables to jump start a car. If a car engine doesn't start, hooking the portable jump starter to the battery gives it the boost it needs ... More »