To poke someone on Facebook, go to the profile of the friend you want to poke. Click "..." on the bottom right corner of your friend's cover photo, and click Poke from the drop-down menu. More »

When one person pokes another on Facebook, it is simply a way of getting that person's attention. Poking can be aimed at friends or friends of friends. More » Technology Social Media

The "poke," a content-free tool for getting a user's attention on Facebook, has had it's meaning debated since it was introduced at the inception of the social media website on Feb. 4, 2004. Context plays a large factor ... More » Technology Social Media

To remove someone as a friend on Facebook, from the personal profile page, locate the friend and then use the "Unfriend" option. The friend won't be notified of this action, nor will the friend's posts appear on the time... More » Technology Social Media

To send a friend request on Facebook, find the profile of the person you want to befriend, and click the Add Friend button on the top of their timeline. When they accept your friend request, they are added to your list o... More » Technology Social Media

To make a friend request on Facebook, find the person's profile using their name or email address, go to their profile, and click the Add Friend button. The person is notified that you want to add them as a friend. More »

When a user unfriends someone on Facebook, as of 2014, the user no longer appears on the other's friend list. Both users also may not see certain content on the other's Facebook profile, assuming the content is not set t... More »