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Quinoa is a food that begins with the letter Q. Quinoa is correctly classified as a seed and is gluten-free, making it easy to digest for many people.


Cities that start with the letter Q include Quincy, Quezon City, Quito, Queenstown and Quebec City. There are many other cities throughout the world that begin with Q.


One body part that starts with the letter "Q" is the quadratus lumborum muscle. This muscle is found in the lower back behind the kidneys, the pancreas and the horizontal part of the duodenum, which is the first section of the small intestine. It's also called the QL mu...


The Standard and Poor 500 is a stock market index of 500 top stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, according to About.com. The S&P 500 tracks the value of the shares these 500 companies have issued in order to get an overall picture of the stock market.


Some words that start with Q and don't have a U include "qi," "qat," "qwerty," "qaid," "qadi" and "qindar." Though these words break the "Q is always followed by U" rule, they are accepted words in the Scrabble-style game "Words with Friends."


Some fruits starting with "Q" are the quince and the quandong. The quince can be used in various dishes, although many people are not familiar with it. It is part of the same family of fruits that contains apples and pears. The quandong is unique to Australia.


Some four-letter words ending in the letter q are marq, torq, souq, jelq, freq, Iraq and dinq. Some of these are abbreviations for other words, while others are slang terms or names of countries. The French term cinq is another example, referring to the number five.