A linear amplifier increases power into the electrical load, the source from which the output of sound is delivered. The amplifier carries a signal, such as a radio signal, over a larger distance, allowing for distributi... More »

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When troubleshooting an amplifier, check to make sure the amplifier is not against a conductive surface. Ensure the correct voltage is being delivered to it, and that it is ground correctly. Determine whether or not the ... More »

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Hearing amplifiers are compared by style, durability, battery life, application and quality of sound, states RadioShack. There is also a wide range of prices for hearing amplifiers. More »

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The common-mode gain is part of the common-mode rejection ratio formula that measures the output voltage of a differential amplifier based on two inputs. The common-mode gain is typically a much smaller number in the for... More »

To hook up a surround sound system to a television, run an audio cable from the output connection on the television to an input connection on the sound system amplifier. Many televisions have RCA audio output connections... More »

Resistance between the voltage source and the load causes a voltage drop in wiring. A poor connection, corrosion, the type of wire being used, the diameter or gauge of the wire, and the distance between the source and th... More »

A full-wave bridge rectifier is twice as efficient of a half-wave rectifier, it has a higher output power and higher output voltage, the transformer utilization factor is higher than in a single-tap rectifier and the cor... More »