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Some abbreviations for texting include "brb" meaning "be right back," "2day" meaning "today" and "143" meaning "I love you." Some other texting abbreviations include "adn" for "any day now," "afaik" for "as far as I know" and "b4" for "before."


Websites such as NetLingo.com, Abbreviations.com and Connexin.net all publish lists of common abbreviations used in text messages and online conversations and their meanings. Classification using symbols, letters and numbers make the abbreviations easier to understand.


There are many abbreviations for laughing, the most common being "lol," which stands for "laughing out loud." "Lmao" is another abbreviation commonly used to denote laughter, and it stands for "laughing my ass off." Another, less commonly used, abbreviation is "rofl", w...


LOL, LMAO, BRB, IMHO and OMG are among the most common abbreviations used in texting. BTW, FWIW, ILY, THX and JK are other common texting abbreviations. Often, single numerals and letters are used to abbreviate certain words.


In most cases, simply use the first letter of each word in the phrase to create an acronym. Many popular phrases, such as "let me know" or "just so you know" can easily be shortened to "LMK" or "JSYK," respectively.


Some common abbreviations for words used in texting include "lol" for "laugh out loud," "brb" for "be right back" and "btw" for "by the way." Some abbreviations represent longer phrases: "rofl" means "rolling on the floor laughing," while "nsfw" means "not safe for work...


Some phone abbreviations used in texting include: 4COL, ^5, LOL and NP. The abbreviation 4COL means ?for crying out loud,? ^5 is short for ?high five,? LOL stands for ?laughing out loud? and NP is ?no problem.?