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Another example of a continuous ideological conflict is the Pro-Life and Right-to-Choose abortion movements in the United States. The Cold War is also an example of ideological conflict, as it arose out of opposing military, political and economic beliefs between Russia and its allies and the United States.


Sometimes even self-proclaimed ideological struggles are not really ideological. For example in Angola in the 1980s, the United States backed a rebel army called UNITA against a Soviet – aligned government, supposedly a struggle of democracy against Marxism. In the truth, the ideological differences were quiet arbitrary.


To better understand the ideological conflict of the Cold War it is first important to understand the main principles of capitalism, communism, democracy and dictatorship. During the Cold War, the United States was based upon capitalism and democracy while the Soviet Union was based upon communism and dictatorship.


Examples of an ideological conflicts? I have to write an essay about an ideological conflict... but I really don't know what an ideological conflict is. Can I have some examples or ideas on essay ideas having to do with an ideological conflict? Thank you.


Q. What are some examples of conflicting ideologies that are all justifiable? (1) Thanks for the A2A. (2) If we discuss simply about the fundamental Left and Right ideological values, they’re both honorable, justifiable and good to go.. The problem is the biases that fester on each side of the ideological divide, often stirred up by politicians to serve their narrow self-interest.


Ideological conflict is one of the stresses in modern society that permeates all human activities. It reaches into the classroom and the home, and makes antagonists among schoolmates, between them and the school system, and it divides families.


Ideological parties are groups of people that hold the same ideas and beliefs about how things are or how they ought to be. There are ideological parties in all sorts of fields. Some examples of ideologies are communism, socialism, capitalism, social Darwinism, mercantilism, classical liberalism, e … tc. ( Full Answer )


It is a subtle and challenging but worthy task to examine how two disputes, both seemingly about the same natural resource, manifest differently—one in conflict, one in relative peace—because one conflict saw people attach ethnic and ideological significance to the quarrel, where the other did not, as was the case in the separatist Free ...


It is an armed conflict which has been taking place among rival drug cartels that fight each other for regional control. The statement made at the top of the page, “Ideology is the root behind most current conflicts in the world” does in fact allow for some conflicts not to be ideological, for one reason; the word “most”.


evidence of “waves” of ideological polarization in history, and that ideological difference has no clear effect on the destructiveness of war but may impede the negotiated settlement of ongoing wars. Paper presented at the 2011 Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference.