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Identify the component cells of a typical blood smear; Correlate the light and electron microscope images of red and white blood cells; Distinguish the different classes of white blood cells and the conditions under which each would be expected to dominate


In the blood, lymphocytes are 20-40 % of all leukocytes and are slight larger than red blood cells. The lymphocytes are the main constituents of the immune system which is a defense against the attack of pathogenic micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and protista.


Process and Technique Artifacts / Refractiles. ... Hematology analyzers provide complete blood cell counts and differential counts of white blood cells estimating cell number but offer limited morphological information and do not identify abnormalities. Blood Smear Process and Technique. Importantly, v iewing blood smears under the microscope ...


All the white blood cells are able to move like an amoeba, and can migrate out of blood vessels into the surrounding tissues. Note - it is easy to confuse the different leucocytes in blood smears. To identify them, you need to look for the shape of the nucleus, and compare their size, relative to that of a red blood cell.


Blood Microscopy Skepticism of Live Blood Analysis & Techniques. Blood Microscopy is often associated with live blood cell analysis using dark field techniques. Proponents of this technique believe it readily provides information without the need to stain dead cells, while skeptics question its validity.


The most abundant cells in blood are erythrocytes (red blood cells) and the darker cells on the slide are leukocytes (white blood cells). Adipose is the tissue that stores lipids. It is what we commonly call fat. It is characterized by large cells (adipocytes) that are filled with lipids. Note how the nucleus is pushed to the edge of each cell.


Practice identifying different types of blood cells and blood material in microscope pictures.


Study Tissue Microscope Slides Flashcards at ProProfs - Flascards for the nam. Related Flashcards . Connective Tissue: Connective Tissue Proper: Loose Tissue ... Blood Connective Tissue -Red Blood Cells -White Blood Cells . Name this tissue & (3) Structures : Bone Connective Tissue -Central Canal -Lacunae -Lamella . Name this tissue : Cardiac ...