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There are multiple factors that help to determine the age of furniture. Being able to recognize these features takes time and research. An item is generally considered an antique if it's more than 100 years old.


To antique furniture, sand the item that you want to distress, paint it, and then either sand again or apply candle wax. If desired, you may varnish with polyurethane.


Antique furniture can be sold to a private buyer through a garage sale or classified ad, or to a consignment store or used furniture dealer. A professional liquidator can assist with auctioning antique furniture or arranging an estate sale.


To paint antique furniture, sand and clean the piece before applying primer and paint. Before priming, check for any damage, and make any necessary repairs.


Antiquing kits have various colors and combinations and typically include a base enamel and a coordinated or contrasting glaze, according to HowStuffWorks. Sound flat or glass enamel, lacquer finish, shellac or varnish can be treated with glaze.


Antique furniture dating back to the 1930s may have the Art Deco look. This look has streamlined geometric shapes, which include wood furniture with chrome hardware waterfall fronts or glass tops.


Antique furniture appraisal is the valuation done of old furniture. Appraisers value the antique furniture and give the owner an estimated price of the antique furniture.


A glass or antiques expert can verify the age of the glass. Valuable antique glass is characterized by signs of wear, defects and rough mold edges.


Online research, antiques guides, local antiques dealers and free identification fairs hosted by auction houses can help to identify antiques and avoid the expense of a formal appraiser. Some appraisers offer free verbal valuations that are good for developing a base of information to pursue, but in


Places that sell antique bedroom furniture include flea markets, auctions and estate sales. Those who want to buy antique furniture online can try the antiques sections of eBay, Auctionata or Ruby Lane.