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An identifier is a name that identifies an object or group of objects. The object or group of objects may be ideas, physical things or physical substances. An identifier can be a number, word, symbol, letter or mixture of those.


A pain identifier is a survey involving diagrams and questions about symptoms that can assist pain sufferers in finding solutions and tips on how to relieve pain. Also known as symptom checkers, pain identifiers can be found on the Mayo Clinic and WebMD websites.


Elements are identified mainly through their atomic numbers, which are the number of protons present in an atom of an element. The periodic table gives each element with its atomic number and atomic weight. The atomic number is located at the top left corner of a specific element.


Some good language identifiers include the one at Translated.net and the Rosette Language Identifier. One is free to the public to copy and paste online, while the other is a program to install on a computer.


An online language identifier is a tool for identifying the language of a text. Such a tool works with samples written in Roman script as well as those written in foreign scripts and characters.


Online pill identifiers are available on several websites, including Drugs.com, RxList, Pillbox and WebMD. Pill identifiers use information, including the pill's color, size and imprint, to determine what the medication is, according to RxList.


The phrase "foreign language identifier" typically refers to computer software that identifies the language of input or scanned text. Some identifiers exist online, while others operate as stand alone software. Advanced programs identify nearly 500 distinct languages, while others only distinguish b


Moths are identified based on the time of year they are found; where they are found; their general shape at rest; the color, pattern, size, and shape of their wings; and sometimes by the food that they eat. They are usually most active at night, unlike butterflies.


Some websites, such as the MycoKey Morphing Mushroom Identifier and FungalJungal.org, offer interactive mushroom identification guides. By explaining various morphological traits, these website can narrow down possibilities and help users identify the mushroom they have found.


Isotopes are identified by their mass. This property, also known as atomic mass, is the total number of protons and neutrons contained in the isotope.