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Go Botany offers some great tools and tips that can help identify many different types of plants. The website has a key to identify the plant in question. The key starts by asking you to group your plant into one of six categories based on broad characteristics of the plant. Each category includes s


Some identifying factors of house plants are that they grow well indoors and are usually ornamentals. Houseplants help clear away indoor pollution, improve the mood of those who live with them and even improve cognitive functions such as memory and learning.


An identifier is a name that identifies an object or group of objects. The object or group of objects may be ideas, physical things or physical substances. An identifier can be a number, word, symbol, letter or mixture of those.


Apps for identifying plants include PlantSnapp, LikeThat Garden, Leafsnap, iPflanzen and Plantifier. Most apps use visual recognition software that helps identify plants and flowers from photographs, though some use other criteria.


Botanists identify plants according to key characteristics such as the area in which the plant is growing, the shape of the plant's leaves, the type of bark or lack of bark and the presence or lack of fruit and flowers. Plants are generally divided into six major groups: woodland, aquatic, grass-lik


The key factors in identifying flowers are number of seeds, habitat, number and shape of leaves, and whether the flowers are singular or bunched. Other important factors include the color and number of flower petals.


Some good language identifiers include the one at Translated.net and the Rosette Language Identifier. One is free to the public to copy and paste online, while the other is a program to install on a computer.


Elements are identified mainly through their atomic numbers, which are the number of protons present in an atom of an element. The periodic table gives each element with its atomic number and atomic weight. The atomic number is located at the top left corner of a specific element.


The identifying characteristics of a succulent plant are that their stems, roots and leaves have evolved to retain water with great efficiency. To this end, many succulents have spines or leaves that are fleshy.


A pain identifier is a survey involving diagrams and questions about symptoms that can assist pain sufferers in finding solutions and tips on how to relieve pain. Also known as symptom checkers, pain identifiers can be found on the Mayo Clinic and WebMD websites.