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Blackberry bushes look similar to raspberry plants. Identifying blackberry bushes requires inspection of the shape of the bush, the leaves and the fruit. For close inspection, wear protective clothing and eye wear since the blackberry has thorns.


To remove blackberry bushes, trim the above-ground growth, remove the root ball and till the soil. Additionally, commercial sprays can help eradicate these invasive plants.


Prune blackberry bushes by determining which canes need to be pruned, using loppers to cut out spent floricanes and discarding all of the pruned plant material. By removing spent floricanes, more room is available for new primocanes to grow during the following year.


Research in Motion's marketing firm chose the name BlackBerry for the company's phone/email/Internet device because it was a pleasant-sounding word and the device, at the time, was only available in black. Canada.com reports that the marketing company avoided the word "e-mail," which it said raises


Get a free Blackberry phone by subscribing to data plans by Verizon or AT&T. As of 2015, both companies offer various Blackberry phones for free if the customer promises to subscribe to his data plan for at least 24 months. While AT&T only offers the BlackBerry Priv for free, Verizon presents three


Blackberries grow in the wild and can be cultivated in USDA hardiness zones five through ten. Blackberries prefer sandy acidic soil and full-sun exposure.


Plant blackberry bushes in the early spring, immediately after obtaining the plants. If for some reason you cannot plant them immediately, it is essential to keep the roots cool and moist by storing the bush in a refrigerator or cool room.


Blackberries grow outdoors and are exposed to many things that you don't want to put into your mouth or onto your table. They are very soft fruits and can be a challenge to clean, but with the use of a colander, kitchen water, a refrigerator and some paper towels, your berries will keep their shape


As of 2014, BlackBerry phones are developed by BlackBerry Limited. BlackBerry Limited was previously called Research In Motion Limited, and it created the first BlackBerry pager in 1999.


An electrical bushing is an insulated device that permits electrical power to travel in and out of enclosures like transformers and circuit breakers. Electrical bushings are designed to ensure the electrical strength of the insulated material is strong enough to withstand the electricity passing thr