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Some common black and white birds include black-capped chickadees, black and white warblers, downy woodpeckers, hairy woodpeckers and penguins. All of these birds are found in the wild in the United States, except penguins, which only can be seen in Antarctica, Australi...


Birds can be identified by both sight and sound. Identification based on sound largely involves memorization, while learning a few important field marks makes visual identification much easier. Field marks are distinctive colors, patterns or markings that help in identi...


Identify more than 500 possible bird species in Florida through resources such as the Florida Ornithological Society and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Look and listen for several clues when you see a bird.


Individuals can identify bird species by listening to variations in rhythm, pitch, repetition and tone in a bird's songs and calls. Each species has its own unique vocalizations.


According to the Additive Color Theory, white is a color and black is the absence of color. The theory states that white is a combination of many colors, and is produced by combining primary colors red, green and blue light. Black is the absence of these colors.


According to Business Insider, cats have color vision, although it is limited when compared to that of humans. Cats are trichomats, meaning that they see in shades of the three primary colors. Blues and greens are easily detectable to a cat, but reds are more difficult.


According to Pedigree.com, dogs have limited color vision - their eyes have 20 percent of the number of color receptors present in human eyes. Dogs see shades of yellow and blue, but are unable to differentiate between colors ranging from green to red. Dogs perceive red...