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Birds can be identified by both sight and sound. Identification based on sound largely involves memorization, while learning a few important field marks makes visual identification much easier. Field marks are distinctive colors, patterns or markings that help in identi...


Individuals can identify bird species by listening to variations in rhythm, pitch, repetition and tone in a bird's songs and calls. Each species has its own unique vocalizations.


Identify more than 500 possible bird species in Florida through resources such as the Florida Ornithological Society and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Look and listen for several clues when you see a bird.


The Color ID Free app for Apple devices and the Color Grab app for Android are two highly rated color identifier programs. Both programs let users scan a color with the phone or another device's camera and then calculate the name of the color based on the given image.


Information on identifying different types of birds can be found on websites such as birds-of-north-america.net, whatbird.com and About.com. These sites provide information such as identifying parts of the birds, identifying bird sounds and recognizing field marks on va...


In a British study using different colored bird feeders, birds were most attracted to silver, blue and green. However, such preferences varied according to species, with goldfinches preferring green.


Because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires all approved prescription and over-the-counter drugs to have unique appearances, you can identify a pill by its color or size by searching one of several online databases, advises About.com. Each pill's distinctive ...