Birds can be identified by both sight and sound. Identification based on sound largely involves memorization, while learning a few important field marks makes visual identification much easier. Field marks are distinctiv... More » Pets & Animals Birds

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Doves and pigeons are birds belonging to the clade Columbidae, a group characterized by their plump bodies, short necks, round heads and compact, slender bills. Plumage and size vary greatly by species; the largest membe... More »

Some types of squirrel-proof bird feeders are situated atop long steel poles or encased in mesh material that allows small birds in but keeps squirrels and large birds out. They are available on such websites as Birdfeed... More » Pets & Animals Birds

To get rid of birds on a property, try making it difficult for them to nest by using a propane cannon or putting up bird spikes. Hiring a wildlife expert to relocate birds also works. More »

Nothing happens when a human simply touches a lovebird's eggs, although the handling of fertilized eggs should be minimized as it may cause unnecessary stress for the birds. The belief that a mother bird abandons her egg... More »