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Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug utilized to minimize fever and treat pains such as headaches, cramps and muscle aches, according to WebMD. Ibuprofen is also used to treat pain associated with arthritis. Ibuprofen hinders the substances in the body tha...


Ibuprofen is an analgesic referred to as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, or NSAID, which can be useful for pain relief, aching muscles, back pain, headaches and pain associated with arthritis. Doctors can also recommend ibuprofen for menstrual pain and symptoms a...


According to Drugs.com, ibuprofen works by decreasing hormones that cause soreness and inflammation in the body. The uses of ibuprofen include pain relief from headaches, muscles aches, cramps and arthritis. Ibuprofen is available over the counter and by prescription.


Ibuprofen is safe for most adults and children to take when they adhere to the correct dosage, according to WebMD. People taking this medication should follow the instructions on the product package very carefully.


Ibuprofen is considered unsafe for dogs or cats and should never be used without direction from a veterinarian, according to the Veterinary Information Network. Never give human medication to pets without consulting a veterinarian.


Ibuprofen is derived from propionic acid. It is a white powder that is made into pill form for oral administration. Other inactive ingredients in ibuprofen pills include polydextrose, titanium dioxide, colloidal silicon dioxide and hypromellose.


Ibuprofen is not typically prescribed to dogs and can actually be poisonous to them, according to the Pet Poison Helpline. Common signs that a dog has consumed ibuprofen include behavior changes, reduced dietary intake, redness of skin and tarry stool.