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As of 2014, basic training for the U.S. Army lasts for 10 weeks. Soldiers may spend a week or two prior to and following basic training for in-processing and out-processing at the basic camp training facility. The primary 10 weeks of basic training include training that focuses on leadership, direct


The state of Iowa is abbreviated with IA. Iowa is the 26th largest state in terms of area, and as of 2013 census numbers, it ranks 30th in population. Iowa is bordered by Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota.


According to Military OneSource, basic training for the Army Reserve consists of making changes to exercise, diet and etiquette. The site notes that the first 10 weeks of training are basic combat training, and after this the recruits are trained for their specific duties within the Army.


Army Reserve basic training is 10 weeks long, the same as training for active duty members of the Army. After the initial 10-week training program, reservists continue to train for one weekend each month to keep their skills sharp.


Because it receives very little precipitation in the form or either rain or snow, Antarctica is classified as a desert. The classification of desert refers to an area that gets less than 10 inches of precipitation a year. Antarctica receives an average annual amount of precipitation that is nea


The Army training management cycle is a process used by the U.S. military to train soldiers to accomplish different goals during wartime. The cycle breaks down into three primary phases: to assess, plan and execute in accordance with the mission essential task list.


United States Army information assurance training prepares students to become information assurance support officers. The job involves securing information systems with a strong emphasis on securing computer systems from unauthorized access.


The Army's Basic Training Physical Fitness Test is a three-event physical performance test used to assess endurance. If you are seeking a career change to any of the Special Forces /​ Special Ops world, start training hard and start training... What do I need to do to prepare for Bootcamp? This arti


The Army began creating this new approach to the beginning of BCT during the spring. The Army’s cases of coronavirus have spiked in recent months. The U.S. Army may close or drastically alter its Pathfinder School at Fort Benning, Georgia The Army halted rotations to NTC and JRTC in mid-March to lim


Private Army Training. Recruits entering the United States Army are subject to two primary and essential training programs: basic combat training or BCT, and Advanced Individual Training or AIT. During or immediately after this training, these recruits move into the ranks as Privates. The Army's tra