Update iOS software for iPhone 5 wirelessly by selecting Install Now on the pop-up software update notification screen. Then, tap Download and Install from the Software Update Screen. Select Install or Later. If choosing... More » Technology Mobile

Downloading applications, or apps, for an iPhone 5c smartphone involves going to the online App Store, selecting the desired app, downloading it and then installing it on the device. The iPhone 5c is part of a series of ... More » Technology Mobile

An example of a good tutorial for the iPhone 5s is the official one on the iPhone Support section on Users can also download quick-start and user guides for different iPhone 5s iOS versions in the Manuals sect... More » Technology Mobile
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To remove an icon from the iPhone 5, delete it from the home screen or from the Settings menu. Deleting the icon uninstalls or deletes the application from the device. More » Technology Mobile

Outside of Apple customer support, an iPhone 5 screen can be fixed with a replacement screen kit. The screen can be installed alone for about $30 or as a joint assembly, with the speakers and home button, for about $60, ... More » Technology Mobile

Buy a cheap iPhone 5 by focusing on used models sold through sites such as Gazelle, Glyde, Swappa or eBay. Prices on these sites vary based on the condition of the phone, so buyers need to exercise caution to avoid purch... More » Technology Mobile

The iPhone 6 features a faster chip, a higher price tag, alarger design,ahigher resolutionandimproved face recognition; includes TouchIDand Voice Over (Volte) technology; and has a longer battery life than the iPhone 5. ... More » Technology Mobile