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Find your freedom with the Tupperware Opportunity, from a refreshingly flexible schedule to free products that you receive via hosting a party, joining and earning a complimentary kit through our Confident Start Program.People all over the world have been earning cash and flourishing socially for almost 70 years through the Tupperware party.


To become a Tupperware sales consultant, you must first meet with a Tupperware distributor or consultant in your area who will assist you with signing up for the consultant program. After signing up, you will be required to purchase a Tupperware starter kit that provides you with the materials you need to begin selling product.


Learn more about Selling Tupperware and Sign Up to Sell Tupperware! Thank you for your interest in learning more about selling Tupperware! My name is Wendy Leal and I am a Director with Tupperware located in Rocklin, California. I have a team of women and men all over the USA that I have assisted in starting their Tupperware business and I would love to share more information about the ...


If one-on-one selling is more to your liking than attending parties, you need not worry, as Tupperware is very flexible with their marketing options. While Tupperware is primarily a party-plan business, you can always sell your products online or present them to your customers individually. When you join Tupperware, you will be given freedom ...


Chances are you’re a Tupperware representative and want to figure out if it’s really possible to sell these products online, instead of just at home parties. Maybe you’re not affiliated with the company and just want to know about selling this kind of product on the Internet to make some extra money.


Tupperware has been a household name for over 65 years and is arguably one of the founders of the direct marketing/MLM model business. Back in the 1950’s the company, via its VP of marketing, Brownie Wise, refined the “Party Plan” aspect of product selling, enabling Tupperware to achieve impressive yearly revenues.


So you have decided I want to sell Tupperware products but are wondering whether or not you can make money with it? Your success in sales really comes down to your sales abilities. In many ways ...


No, Tupperware takes care of all of that, you just set up your online store and direct your customers to it, you can sell 24 hours a day, Tupperware processes the payments and ships the orders and You get the commission from the sales in your monthly check or direct deposit.


Contact a local Tupperware Consultant to get started. There's no need to spend hours reading newspaper help wanted ads. Start your own business today selling quality Tupperware housewares. Want a job that lets you set your own hours? Become a Tupperware Consultant and enjoy all the benefits of a fun, work-at-home job.


So in summary here are my 5 reasons why selling Tupperware Products Online could help build your business faster: Selling Tupperware products online is targeting people who just don’t want to have a party or are just too busy to have a party. Targeting this group of people will boost your sales.