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Solitaire can be played online at the World of Solitaire and Solitr. Flash and Silverlight plugins do not need to be installed to access the game, as these websites use Javascript to run the program.


Solitaire has several variations, each with their own rules. The most common form, Klondike solitaire, involves placing all cards from the starting configuration into four stacks, one for each suit. There are seven stacks of cards, known as the tableau, where the primar...


A solitaire ring is a diamond solitaire engagement ring consisting of one outstanding diamond. Introduced in 1886, it is still a very popular engagement ring style.


The classic Klondike Solitaire card game is played by moving cards from one pile to another to arrange them in descending order. The goal is then to organize all the cards into separate foundation piles by suit in ascending order.


A diamond solitaire refers to any piece of single-diamond jewelry, though it often refers to engagement rings. Round shapes are popular for solitaires, though many cuts and colors are appropriate for such jewelry, according to About.com Jewelry expert Carly Wickell.


The term "diamond solitaire" refers to an item of jewelry that highlights a single diamond, according to the Gem Institute of America. The single stone is set in a prominent mounting to accent the diamond's positive attributes, such as its shape and size.


The main difference between "Christmas Solitaire" online games and regular solitaire games is the Christmas theme of the cards, which often include Santa Claus, Christmas trees and holly. The rules of the game remain the same, with a focus on completing four stacks of n...