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I was eating yogurt today in a martini glass at a hotel and in the middle of chewing a bite of it, I bit down on something hard and long. To my surprise, I had a long and sharp piece of glass in my mouth. I quickly took the piece out and showed the hotel manager. He gave me a refund, apologized, and the hotel is seeing what else they can do to satisfy this event.


What to do after accidentally eating glass in my food? ... Hi am farhanaz i was drinking a glass of hot water and then feel like something got stuck in my throat and i think its a piece of porcelain which was broken by the edge of the kettle and try to drink ... I accidentally swallowed some broken glass this morning, and I feel like there is a ...


When glass is swallowed, it can cause complications, as the sharp edges can tear the tissues, particularly those in the esophagus, and can end up causing an infection according to Drugs.com. Glass pieces can also get lodged into various areas of the gastrointestinal tract, such as positions at the level of the collarbone, at the center of the chest and just where the esophagus leads into the ...


Swallowed Object. Medically reviewed by Drugs.com. Last updated on Apr 1, 2019. Health Guide; What Is It? Young children and, sometimes, older children and adults may swallow toys, coins, safety pins, buttons, bones, wood, glass, magnets, batteries or other foreign objects.


I'm going to tell you a true story that will hopefully help you relax a bit. On time my dog pulled a glass tray of baked mostacholli off the counter and ate it all. He ate every piece of glass also and he was fine. We were really worried and thought he would surely die as he ate huge chunks of glass. But he didnt even shit blood.


I don't think that glass in small amounts will be that bad. If you ate a good ammount, then it has the possibility of cutting organs. I would consult the doctor you normally visit, in case that the possibilty of internal bleeding has or might occur.


I was stirring myself a glass of chocolate milk this evening, and after downing two-thirds of it, I noticed a large-hairline crack in the base of the glass that wasn't there when I took it out of the cupboard. A few moments later, I became aware of small cut in my gum. I gently probed around and felt what may have been a tiny piece of glass.


If a glass piece is swallowed , it tears down the smooth and very fragile walls of the human alimentary canal . This results in heavy bleeding inside the GIT and it causes weakness and other disorders like stomach ulcers .. if the glass piece is swallowed and it isn’t removed ASAP then it is 100% fatal and it will surely cause a person to ...


Help I Think I Swallowed A Piece Of Glass ok so my g/f made dinner tonight but a glass jar broke next to the pan when she was cooking and we think some got in there and like when we were eating we felt a couple cruchy peices so we just spit out that little bit of food. but now my stomach hurts what if i swalloed some.


I may have accidentally swallowed a small amount of glass- like a tiny particle. Should I worry, ow what should I do? - I myself was served a piece of glass in my eggs at a restraunt that looked like an onion. The first bite I took the shard ripped through my mouth and went to a doctor he assured me I'll be fine and I