If you forgot your Apple ID and password, navigate My Apple ID on Apple's official website, and click Reset Your Password. On the page that appears, click Forgot your Apple ID, enter information such as your first name, ... More »

Recovering a lost or forgotten administrator password can be done by using a password recovery tool such as Ophcrack, Kon-Boot or other well-known tools. These tools exist for Windows operating software. Recovery of a Ma... More »

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Some ways to unlock a PC laptop if the password is not available include using the Windows installation CD, using a password reset disk or restoring the laptop to factory mode. It is also possible to unlock the laptop by... More »

To reset your Apple ID, go to the My Apple ID website, click on Reset Your Password, then Forgot Your Apple ID, follow the prompts to provide your personal information and verification, retrieve your username, and select... More »

To reset your Apple ID password for your iPod touch, visit the My Apple ID page, select Manage Your Apple ID, log in to your account, and choose Password and Security. Answer all security questions, click Change Password... More »

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To reset your Apple ID password, log in to your My Apple ID account, click the Reset Your Password link, provide the Apple ID, and then click Next. Choose one method from the provided options to reset your Apple ID passw... More »

Sign in to Apple devices using an Apple ID and password. An Apple ID logs a user in to almost everything Apple. Creating an account for any Apple product creates an Apple ID. More »

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