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358 Whack! Nothing ends an episode better than a good slap in the face. 359 And nothing starts an episode better than a repeat of that slap. 360 "Again" (Fox standard) is always playing at the Colonial Inn. 361 Step right up, folks, and witness Rod's imitation of a barking seal. 362 This is just to say Elliot ate an apple— Golden Delicious.


This is just to say we have explained the plum jokes in your Twitter feed How William Carlos Williams’s famous poem about plums in the icebox became a meme. By Aja Romano @ajaromano Dec 1, 2017 ...


Tony1 - This Guy's been boasting, crowing, laughing about having eaten his wife's plums now for the last like 75 years, and everybody says Gee What Poetry. Isn't it time for womanhood to answer the creep back, along the lines of next time watch out for your own plums MIster Poetaster with three names and get somebody else to "Forgive" u.


"This Is Just to Say" (1934) is an imagist poem by William Carlos Williams. Analysis. Written as though it were a note left on a kitchen table, Williams' poem appears to the reader like a piece of found poetry. Metrically, the poem exhibits no regularity of stress or of syllable count. Except for lines two and five (each an iamb) and lines eight and nine (each an amphibrach), no two ...


William Carlos Williams,''This Is Just to Say'' from The Collected Poems: Volume I, 1909-1939, copyright ©1938 by New Directions Publishing Corp. Reprinted by permission of New Directions Publishing Corp.


People On Twitter Turned This Poem Into A Hilarious Meme ... my name is dan, and this is just to say I ate your icebox plums in a major way. 11:26 PM - 27 Nov 2017. Reply Retweet Favorite.


William Carlos Williams’ famous poem about eating someone else’s plums, This Is Just To Say, became a popular meme in the last year. People replaced the word plums with other nouns, such as ...


This Is Just to Say is the title of a poem by the early 20th Century American poet William Carlos Williams. Due to the poem’s original fame, rhythmic timbre, short length, and relatively common subject matter, it is frequently parodied online, where users substitute their own subjects into the poem’s text, often retaining the verse structure and the significant line breaks.


“You Ate My Plums, Now Write Me A Poem” Contest by Steven Doyle There is a famous poem by William Carlos William that discusses purloined plums that sat in an ice box eaten at their prime by a remorseful significant other.


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