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358 Whack! Nothing ends an episode better than a good slap in the face. 359 And nothing starts an episode better than a repeat of that slap. 360 "Again" (Fox standard) is always playing at the Colonial Inn. 361 Step right up, folks, and witness Rod's imitation of a barking seal. 362 This is just to say Elliot ate an apple— Golden Delicious.


the plums. that were in. the icebox. and which. you were probably. saving. for breakfast. Forgive me. they were delicious. so sweet. ... Feast on this smorgasbord of poems about eating and cooking, exploring our relationships with food. Read More. More Poems by William Carlos Williams. Peace on Earth.


Actually, I think this was a note to his wife telling her he ate her plums, I think there is a poem by her that was a reply to his note . on Apr 07 2010 11:36 AM x edit - From guest alida therese i think it pertains to virginity . on Mar 18 ... More by William Carlos Williams .


"This Is Just to Say" (1934) is an imagist poem by William Carlos Williams. Analysis. Written as though it were a note left on a kitchen table, Williams' poem appears to the reader like a piece of found poetry. Metrically, the poem exhibits no regularity of stress or of syllable count. Except for lines two and five (each an iamb) and lines eight and nine (each an amphibrach), no two ...


William Carlos Williams’ famous poem about eating someone else’s plums, This Is Just To Say, became a popular meme in the last year. People replaced the word plums with other nouns, such as ...


This poem establishes two important and separate signposts for future poets: 1: the title is part of the poem. This is Just to Say is both the title and first line of this poem; 2: it is acceptable to write a poem about an everyday experience (i.e. eating plums) that helps the reader live the experience along with the poet.


How William Carlos Williams’s famous poem about plums in the icebox became a meme, and what it has to do with baby shoes and Twitter’s expanded character count.


Here’s why William Carlos Williams’s poem “This Is Just to Say” has become a meme with people on Twitter joking about plums in the icebox. ... That I ate the plums in the icebox today And ...


It might be as simple as this: A little poem about eating plums is too delicious to spend that much time thinking about. Over-analyzing removes the joy we receive from reading these words, smiling, and imagining how perfectly ripe those plums must have tasted. I don't think Williams set out to write this poem before tasting the plums.


People On Twitter Turned This Poem Into A Hilarious Meme "Hey I just met you / And this is crazy / But the plums in the icebox / I ate them maybe" Posted on November 30, 2017, 18:27 GMT