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Laziness has negative effects on a person’s personal and professional life. Laziness can prohibit important things from getting done, such as paying bills, turning in assignments on time and failing to meet deadlines. This affects the lazy person and those who are depen...


Common causes of laziness include a lack of energy, focusing on short-term pleasure instead of long-term consequences, and losing motivational sources. Other possible causes include an abundance of resources, genetics and even mental health disorders, such as depression...


AboutTravelingTheWorld.com states that there is no found origin of National Lazy Day, and no other known websites list history of the day either. However, it is known to be celebrated most years on August 10.


The medical term for a lazy colon is colonic inertia. A patient who has serious constipation without an obvious illness that causes constipation is likely to have a lazy colon.


Lazy people come in different personalities and are not all identical in their characteristics; however, there are a few characteristics that lazy people tend to share including ignorance, apathy, inconsistency and potentially fear and hopelessness, according to Psychol...


Treatment options for a lazy eye include corrective eyeglasses, surgery and eye patches, and drops that help to strengthen weak eye muscles. The medical term for a lazy eye is amblyopia.


One of the laziest and most laid-back dog breeds is the English Bulldog. Often referred to as a couch potato, the English Bulldog is not an active breed, and these dogs require little maintenance in terms of grooming, training and exercise.