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Hypothesis If the russet potato contains enough electrons, then the lightbulb will light because the potato has the ability to generate electricity. Variables Independent Variable The different types of potato's used in the experiment. Dependent Variables Depending on the type of potato, the result of lighting the lightbulb might be effected.


Creating an electric battery out of an ordinary potato is a popular science project for middle-school students. In most commercial batteries, electricity is generated by a chemical reaction between two electrodes (copper and zinc) and an electrolyte (sulfuric acid). The liquid in a potato can act as the electrolyte ...


Throughout the experiment, I found that the russet potato was not as hard as the sweet potato, but I did have some difficultly getting the zinc and copper electrodes into the skin. However, there was a little juice coming out of the russet potato unlike the sweet potato. The russet potato did not light the LED light or the light bulb. Red Potato


Did you know you could power a light bulb with a potato? The chemical reactions that take place between two dissimilar metals and the juices in the potato create a small amount of voltage that can power a very small electrical device [source: MadSci].Follow the instructions below to make a potato-powered light bulb.


Potato Light Bulb Experiment for Kids ... You may wonder what the link is between a potato, a light bulb and kids. It’s actually a great experiment about making electricity from a potato to illuminate a small light bulb. It teaches kids about the basics of making electricity and how wires allow electricity to move from one place to another in ...


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In this project, you'll be using the natural chemicals inside a potato to light a light bulb. By completing this project, you'll learn about chemical reactions inside batteries and ways to create ...


Using potatoes to power a light bulb is a lot of fun and is a great way to teach children about the principles of electricity. You may not be able to use a potato to turn on your refrigerator (unless you have a house with the size of a potato) but is a great educational tool you can use to show how much you know about potatoes.