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Hyperovulation refers to the production and release of multiple eggs in an ovulation cycle, which increases the chances of conceiving fraternal twins. It occurs naturally, although it can also be stimulated via hormone treatments. It is one of the factors that affect multiple birth.


Hyperovulation occurs when a woman’s ovaries release more than one egg during each cycle. This can increase the chance of fraternal twins, triplets or more. It’s possible for hyperovulation to happen in just one ovary, or involve the release of more than one egg from each ovary. What Causes Hyperovulation? There are quite a…


How often does hyperovulation happen? It’s tricky to nail down exact prevalence rates, especially when studying the prevalence of things that aren’t accompanied by observable signs, as is the case with hyperovulation. Most of the time, hyperovulation goes undetected.


Hyperovulation cannot be easily identified through the use of ovulation kits or may not necessarily occur by having certain hyperovulation-inducing foods. Thus undergoing an ultrasound to detect the presence of multiple follicles is the only way to be sure of the presence of OHSS.


The algorithm cannot detect hyperovulation as the temperature rise that comes after ovulation will include the release of one or multiple eggs - so you will not know if there have been multiple ovulations. Regardless of the number of eggs released, the algorithm allocates at least 1 red day after your ovulation is confirmed. ...


Hyperventilation occurs when you start breathing very quickly. Exhaling more than you inhale causes low carbon dioxide levels in your body. This can lead to lightheadedness and loss of consciousness.


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This is because the process of hyperovulation, as previously mentioned, is the only real genetic trait that can be passed from mother to daughter with a history of fraternal twins in her family. Even a history of fraternal twins or other multiples in your family does not necessarily guarantee you will have multiples.


Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is an exaggerated response to excess hormones. It usually occurs in women taking injectable hormone medications to stimulate the development of eggs in the ovaries.


Hyperovulation could also be from women's father's side. Women have XX sex chromosomes - they get an X from their mom and an X from their dad. So a *woman* can get sex-specific genetic characteristics from either her father's side or her mother's side. What doesn't matter is if Suzy and Bob are making babies, and Bob has twins on his side ...