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Hydrophobic Definition. Hydrophobic literally means “the fear of water”. Hydrophobic molecules and surfaces repel water. Hydrophobic liquids, such as oil, will separate from water. Hydrophobic molecules are usually nonpolar, meaning the atoms that make the molecule do not produce a static electric field. In polar molecules these opposite ...


Chemically, only two types of interaction are plausible between BA molecules: H-bonding and hydrophobic interaction. Hydrophobic interaction is not specific and it can occur between any large amounts of molecules leading to condensation, which is a first-order phase transition with a nearly horizontal plateau in the isotherms.


Definition of Hydrophobic. The word hydrophobic comes from the Greek roots hydro- (meaning water) and -phobia (meaning fearing or hating). The word hydrophobic describes the fact that nonpolar ...


Definition adjective (1) (physics) (chemistry) Lacking an affinity for water; insoluble in water; repelling water. (2) Of, or having hydrophobia (literally, the fear of or water). Supplement Examples of hydrophobic molecules include the alkanes, oils, fats, and greasy substances in general. Word origin: Attic Greek hydro– for water and phobos ...


Hydrophobic Interactions In the presence of polar molecules, espec. water, nonpolar molecules bond weakly with each other Because of very small differences in charge distribution that are produced by covalent bonds between two atom of similar, but slightly different electronegativies


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Hydrophilic Definition. A hydrophilic molecule or substance is attracted to water. Water is a polar molecule that acts as a solvent, dissolving other polar and hydrophilic substances.In biology, many substances are hydrophilic, which allows them to be dispersed throughout a cell or organism.All cells use water as a solvent that creates the solution known as cytosol.


Definition []. The tendency of nonpolar molecules in a polar solvent (usually water) to interact with one another is called the hydrophobic effect.The interactions between the nonpolar molecules are called hydrophobic interactions.The relative hydrophobicity of amino acid residues is defined by a system known as hydrophobicity scales.. General Information []


Meaning and definition of hydrophobic interaction : A type of weak chemical bond formed when molecules that do not mix with water coalesce to exclude the water. For the term hydrophobic interaction may also exist other definitions and meanings , the meaning and definition indicated above are indicative not be used for medical and legal or ...


Tertiary Structure Definition. The tertiary structure is the structure at which polypeptide chains become functional. At this level, every protein has a specific three-dimensional shape and presents functional groups on its outer surface, allowing it to interact with other molecules, and giving it its unique function.