Hydrogen peroxide lightens, or bleaches, human hair. People with blonde hair typically use it to lighten their locks, particularly in the winter months when there isn't a lot of sun. More »

Peroxide can be used to lighten hair, either to make it appear more blond or in preparation for adding another colored dye. However, peroxide can be damaging to hair, and if used excessively may lead to dryness and britt... More »

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Hydrogen peroxide on its own will not completely bleach hair, but will gradually lighten it depending on how long it is left on the hair. To completely bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide, it is usually combined with ammo... More »

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To get rid of bleached hair and combat the damage that bleach does to human hair, it is necessary to add moisture and elasticity to allow further coloring. Keep the hair healthy by eating a healthy diet and using topical... More »

To lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide, spray it on your hair until you achieve your goal shade. Each treatment takes just seconds to apply, and successive applications intensify the lightening effect. The supplies ... More »

The time that a person should leave peroxide in their hair when trying to lighten the color will range from five minutes to one hour. The time will vary based on how drastic a person wants the color of their hair to chan... More »

To dye your hair slowly with hydrogen peroxide, mix equal parts of peroxide and water in a spray bottle, and spray your hair with the mix every morning until the desired lightness is achieved. To dye your hair all at onc... More »