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Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound that breaks down upon contact with most living cells to release oxygen and provide an antibiotic action by breaking down the cell wall of bacteria, according to Remy Melina for Live Science. Unfortunately, it also damages skin cells using the same mechanism.


Hydrogen peroxide removes bloodstains, controls mold and mildew, sanitizes fruit and vegetables, eliminates odors and serves as a toothpaste ingredient, according to Huffington Post. When dogs eat something they should not, hydrogen peroxide works as a canine emetic, which makes them vomit rapidly.


Hydrogen peroxide can be manufactured in a number of different ways, but the most common methods involve the reaction of oxygen with isopropyl alcohol and anthraquinone. Some of the uses of hydrogen peroxide include as a bleaching agent and in the manufacture of other chemicals.


Hydrogen peroxide treatment to minor cuts, scrapes and sores does work in clearing the affected area of dead skin and facilitating the body's natural healing process, according to WebMD. However, hydrogen peroxide is only a mild antiseptic and should not be used as exclusive treatment or for major i


Hydrogen peroxide works as a disinfectant by oxidizing compounds common to organic life. It is particularly reactive in the presence of an enzyme known as catalase, which occurs naturally in cells and triggers the release of water and oxygen. This release causes hydrogen peroxide's characteristic fi


People use hydrogen peroxide domestically to sanitize cuts, whiten delicate items, clean stubborn stains, preserve vegetables against bacteria, disinfect surfaces, detoxify baths and prepare mouthwash. It is a household remedy for infections including bird mites, foot fungus and sinus infections.


According to Discover Magazine, hydrogen peroxide is found naturally in the human thyroid, gut and lungs. Science Daily states that the compound is produced by the body to keep its cells healthy.


Hydrogen peroxide retains its effectiveness for up to three years in an unopened container and six months in an opened container. Expired hydrogen peroxide is not detrimental, but it does lose potency.


The safety level of hydrogen peroxide depends on the concentration level of the solution. Hydrogen peroxide in a pure form is explosive and in highly concentrated forms is dangerous to the environment and the human body, according to Wikipedia. However, low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are sa


The effects of drinking hydrogen peroxide vary depending on the amount consumed and its concentration. Consumption of small quantities of dilute hydrogen peroxide can have minor, if any, clinical effects, while drinking larger amounts or higher concentrations has caused fatalities. According to the