HBr is the formula for hydrobromic acid, which also goes by the name hydrogen bromide. Hydrobromic acid has a boiling point of 122 degrees Celsius and exists as a liquid at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius). More »

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The acid HI, known as hydroiodic acid, is one of a handful of strong acids. A strong acid is defined based on its acid dissociation constant, which measures how much the hydrogen atom dissociates when the acid is added t... More »

Examples of binary acids include hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrobromic acid and hydroiodic acid. A binary acid is a compound or a solution where one element is a nonmetal substance and the other element is hy... More »

In chemistry, the molecular formula HBr is used to represent the aqueous solution hydrobromic acid. The formula indicates that the compound contains one atom of hydrogen, represented by H, and one atom of bromine, repres... More »

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HBr, also known as hydrobromic acid, is considered a strong acid. This is because when hydrobromic acid mixes with water, the reaction causes it to become ionized, which is the process of a substance disassociating into ... More »

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The chemical formula for iodine bromide is BrI. Iodine bromide contains one atom of bromine and one atom of iodine and has a molecular weight of 206.8 grams/mol. Other names used to identify this chemical compound includ... More »

The Royal Society of Chemistry states that iron(III) bromide, also recognized as ferric bromide, is a red-brown chemical compound that is odorless, and its chemical formula is FeBr3. When mixed with water, this compound ... More »

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