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Hydramatic (also known as Hydra-Matic) is an automatic transmission developed by both General Motors' Cadillac and Oldsmobile divisions. Introduced in 1939 for the 1940 model year vehicles, the Hydramatic was the first mass-produced fully automatic transmission developed for passenger automobile use.


Roto Hydramatic (sometimes spelled Roto Hydra-Matic or Roto-Hydramatic) was an automatic transmission built by General Motors and used on some Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Holden models from 1961–1965. It was based on the earlier, four-speed Hydramatic, but was more compact, providing only three forward speeds plus a small 8" fluid coupling with a stator inside of the fluid coupling (a type of ...


GM’s original Hydra-Matic transmission was one of the most important innovations in the history of the automobile. It wasn’t the first automatic transmission, but it was the first one that really worked and its resounding commercial success paved the for every subsequent auto-shifter.


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Hydra-Matic 4L65-E is a heavy-duty automatic transmission designed to harness performance engines on the street and strip.


Transmissions by Gene has been doing automatic transmission repair on all types of transmissions for 42 years nationwide. Cast iron Hydramatic, Jetaway AKA Stratoflight, and Powerglide are some of our common monthly units. We also offer transmission soft and hard parts for all transmission 1941 to present.


There were many versions of this transmission and many parts do not interchange among them. Distinguished from a Jetaway b y having no park position and a quadrant of N-D4-D3-L-R and . 12 bolt pan. This was a cast iron cased, hydraulically controlled transmission. Band adjustment for dual range: Front = 1/3@ Reverse = 1/3@


At Classic Hydramatic we rebuild or resurrect your classic car or classic truck Early Hydramatic, Dual Clutch, Jetaway, Dual Fluid Coupler, or Turbo Hydramatic transmission. Expert on vintage GM Hydramatic and Turbo Hydramatic series. All work professionally completed on YOUR transmission, we are NOT an exchange service.


How to Identify a Turbo-Hydromatic Transmission by Floyd Drake III . Chevrolet's Turbohydramatic transmission line is the next transmission progression from the Chevy Powerglide, a reliable transmission first offered in the 1960s. When the Powerglide could no longer be improved upon, the THM series was developed. The hydraulically operated THM ...