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But it's important to note that Jamaica has been hit by a half-dozen hurricanes since 2000, either when the outskirts of storms have brushed the island or when a hurricane inflicted a more targeted strike.


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History of Hurricanes and Floods in Jamaica Between the beginning of the hurricane season in until the end of the season in June November, an average of ten 10() tropical storms are formed, some of which develop into hurricanes. Therefore, countries within the hurricane zone, including Jamaica have been


Annually, the hurricane season lasts from June to November. Jamaica, along with several other Caribbean islands and mainland territories, falls into what is commonly understood to be the Atlantic hurricane belt, meaning that these countries often experience the effects of storm systems during the hurricane season. Some of the storms experienced by Jamaica have formed…


Throughout Jamaica, Hurricane Ivan killed 17 people and left $575 million in damage. Hurricane-force winds affected the entire island, while heavy rainfall triggered mudslides and flooding. The storm destroyed 5,600 houses and damaged another 41,400, and most of the island's utilities were damaged.


The best deals to be had are in those months for sure but do get trip insurance. While statistically Jamaica doesn't get hit often with hurricanes, they get their share and its pretty ugly when they hit. If you are staying seaside you'll have to evacuate - they close the airports so if you don't leave before it hits or is scheduled to hit you are stuck for the duration.


Hurricane Charley 2004 Charley originated from a tropical wave, developing into a tropical depression on August 9 about 115 miles south-southeast of Barbados. The depression strengthened within a low-shear environment to a tropical storm early the next day in the eastern Caribbean, and became a hurricane on the 11th near Jamaica.


Jamaica lies in the Atlantic hurricane belt, a region of frequent hurricane formation which reaches from northern Africa to eastern Central America and the Gulf Coast of the United States. It has experienced recorded hurricanes since 1519. Jamaica's most dangerous months for hurricanes are August, September and October.


The lists on these pages include all the hurricanes that hit Jamaica to which I have so far found references, in lists on websites, and in books. The number of hurricanes, so far noted, is seventy-two or so, which seems enough to be going on with.


Heavy rains from the outer bands of Hurricane Matthew have drenched Jamaica and Haiti, flooding streets and sending many people to emergency shelters as the category 4 storm approached the two ...