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Sample Hunter Safety Test. 10 Question Hunter Safety Practice Test. Test your hunting knowledge with this 10 question hunter safety practice test. You need to answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly to pass! Tweet. Take your Hunter Safety Course online today!


Most people frown upon hunting but in some states, it is legal to hunt a specific type of animals in a given season. Are you planning on going for a hunting trip this holiday with the family? Take up the quiz below and get to learn more about hunting safety while testing what you already know.


I agree that the practice test was a bit poorly written and confusing but I think the main problem I had when I took it was over-thinking. I think a twelve year old accustomed to regular test taking would probably do better than an adult.


Upon completion of the NJ Hunter Education Program students are encouraged to take the appropriate practice exam(s) prior to attending a field day. Below are links to one practice exam and answer key for each discipline. The minimum passing score for each practice exam is 80%, or 36 correct answers of the 45 questions.


The International Hunter Education Association provides different hunter safety tests on its website, IHEA.com. To find courses, scroll down to Most Popular Pages on the home page, and click on IHEA-USA Online Course.


The Bespoke Approach to Preparing for the The Hunter Test. For many students, the Hunter Test is the first high-stakes standardized test they will take and a prelude to tests such as the ACT and the SAT. Doing really well on this test not only assures students entrance into Hunter, but it also imparts skills and confidence that will help them ...


NJ HUNTER EDUCATION SHOTGUN PRACTICE EXAMINATION CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER FOR EACH QUESTION AND COMPARE TO ANSWER KEY 1 The gauge or caliber of a firearm is normally found stamped on the: a. stock b. action c. barrel d. trigger 2 The safety on a gun is: a. a mechanical device that sometimes fails to work b. found on the same place on every gun


Need your NJ hunter license? Take your official New Jersey hunter safety course in 3 easy steps - Approved by the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife!


This is just a quiz. If yes on the last question, was it fun? If No on the recent, Just hit No on this one also.


Many people enjoy hunting for game and often the entire family gets involved in a hunt. Any time people use guns, crossbows or other hunting weapons the need for safety is of prime importance. Every hunter should complete weapons safety training. Take our quiz to learn more about hunting safely.