To say "happy birthday" in Hungarian, say "boldog születésnapot." For the more formal version of the greeting, say "boldog születésnapot kívánok." In this case, "kívánok" means "I wish you a." More »

123 Greetings has a selection of free digital birthday cards available. Designs can be sorted by popularity, recipient type or content by using the menu options, and they can be previewed on the site before sending. More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays

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One example of a quote that is appropriate for a birthday wish for a daughter is "You are my lovely angel from heaven and I wish a very happy birthday to you, dear daughter and friend." Another example is "A daughter is ... More » Education

Some good Hungarian desserts are raspberry-cream roulade, Esterhazy torte, chocolate mousse cake and plum dumplings. Some other traditional recipes include sweet cabbage strudel, stacked pancakes and poached peaches. More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

Hungarian and Spanish paprika differ in flavor. Hungarian paprika has a sweet taste, and Spanish paprika has a smoky taste. The spices also differ in the way they are made. More » Food Food Facts Herbs & Spices

It is possible to find recipes for Hungarian goulash in Hungarian cookbooks, in food magazines and on television shows on Food Network that may have special features on Hungarian foods. Food Network also provides online ... More » Food Cooking